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Backyard Concert to Kick Off Summer

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Aaron Spiro and The Owl Parliment

Saturday, June 6   7-9:30pm

The Joyces

1532 Castle Hill Rd.

Walnut Creek, CA 94595


Aaron Spiro is one of the most engaging performers you will see on stage. He leads Owl Parliament a rock band from Tacoma, WA, who is doing a west coast tour this summer. Hear a sampling of their music here.

Bring a lawn chair, a beverage or snack to share, and some friends. Its going to a be a great kick off to the summer season.

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2014.10.10: The Owl Parliament @ Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA

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Sunday Gathering


The Gospel of Mark

We have lots of questions about life and about our world. Why is there suffering? What is our purpose? How can we achieve peace? Where is God?

What questions are you struggling with?

The claim of Christianity is that the best way to make sense of life is to make sense of Jesus. In this series, as we answer questions about the real Jesus we will find answers to our deepest questions about our lives and our world.

Join us on Sundays, 9:30-11am, for our exploration of the earliest account of Jesus’ life: The Gospel of Mark.

Visit us here.

Soma is a Danville Church, San Ramon Church, Walnut Creek Church, and Concord Church, because we gather as the church in Missional Communities in all of these communities. You can also visit us at our Sunday Gathering.

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Visit Our Community Church

Sycamore Oval

Soma Sunday Gathering

Sundays, 9:30-11am

Sycamore Clubhouse
635 Old Orchard Dr.
Danville, CA 94526

Soma is a Danville church, San Ramon church, Walnut Creek church, and Concord church. How can that be? Because we have groups, called Missional Communities, that gather each week in these cities. We also gather as a whole church on Sundays.

Hear others share their experience at Soma.

Have kids? We do too! We have a great kids program that they’ll enjoy.

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Soma Devotionals

Encouraging Message About Mother’s Day Outreach

We are in the process of learning how to be a Danville church, Walnut Creek church, and Concord church because we have missional communities in each of these cities. We may gather in Danville on Sundays, but we are learning how to be the church and live out our faith all week long in the places that we live.

This Mother’s Day we had the opportunity to bless mothers who live in the apartments around Meadow Homes Park in Concord. We partnered with Atanasio and Sunshine, members of Soma, to provide a great meal, fun events for kids, free diapers, and bilingual children’s bibles. It was a wonderful day.

Be encouraged by this note from Atanasio:

Hi Ben,

Thank you and the rest of Soma for your financial help, food, and diapers. Mostly, I saw something I never imagined: people from Danville and Walnut Creek hanging out with Mexican moms in Meadow Homes Park. God is awesome! It’s amazing to see what redemption looks like in everyday life.

I want to share one of our guest’s story.  Yesenia was the last mom to arrive that day. She is a mother of five year old, and a toddler. She recently walked away from an abusive relationship and fell into depression. She has no support. Sunday, all she wanted to do was hide in her apartment. She had no money for diapers. Eventually she decided to forget her pain and take her two daughters to play at the park. 

By “chance” she came across the party. We asked her to join us and share a meal. She was super surprised when we gave her the diapers. That’s when she opened up and shared her story. We prayed for her, gave her a bunch of food and some cash. She broke down in tears. We shared the Gospel with her. It was awesome. We’re praying to see how we can come along side her.

The event would not have been possible without Soma. All we had planned was to grill some meat and rent a bouncy house. It kinda snowballed after that. Seems like God had other plans.

I was super encouraged to see how everyone from Soma was connecting with people in different ways and proving an example to follow.

Please thank Soma on behalf of all the mothers they helped bless. They were super thankful.

The Lord is good!




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