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The Long Awaited King

Join us in celebrating the Christmas season with a Sunday service that appeals to all ages. We will sing classic carols, laugh together, and discover how Jesus’ birth impacts all of our lives. Each service will be followed with coffee, refreshments, and time to catch up with friends.

Sundays, 9:30am, at the Sycamore Clubhouse

December 7  —  Love (to the unlovely)
December 14  —  Joy (to the fearful)
December 21  —  Peace (to the anxious)

The Long Awaited King

Decade upon decade. The passing of centuries. Judges, Priests, Kings and Prophets. Victory. Loss. Freedom. Slavery. Four hundred years of silence. ‘Where is the voice of our great God?’ ‘Does He not see?’ ‘Does He not hear?’  ‘Will we know again the loving care and pursuit of a Holy God?’ Will we have joy?’ ‘Will a prince arise and offer us peace?’

These are the angst-filled questions of a first century Hebrew. All seemed lost. All seemed hopeless. But there was something else. There was a great promise that had made its way through the oral and written traditions of the people. Whispers and hints of a great hero and powerful rescuer. The promise of a Messiah. The promise of a man, who is God, who would come to right all of the wrongs in the world.

We know their longings well. They are not so different from our own. What solution does God offer for the brokenness we see all around us? Where is the prophet who only speaks the truth, the priest who genuinely cares, the judge who always just? Where is the ideal king?

As we enter a season of Advent, we are invited to wait and anticipate. We are invited to longingly look ahead. We are invited to feel the angst of a Kingless people.

This Christmas we will look joyfully to Jesus, the true meaning of Christmas. We will celebrate the gifts of love, joy and peace he offers to each on of us.


Soma is a church that serves Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and the surrounding region. Learn more here.

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Visit Our Community Church

Sycamore Oval

Soma Sunday Gathering

Sundays, 9:30-11am

Sycamore Clubhouse
635 Old Orchard Dr.
Danville, CA 94526

Soma is a church that serves Alamo, Danville, San Ramon and the surrounding region. We gather as a whole church on Sundays at the Sycamore Clubhouse in Danville and throughout the week in groups called Missional Communities that meet in neighborhoods.

Hear others share their experience at Soma.

Have kids? We do too! We have a great kids program that they’ll enjoy.

Soma SRV is a part of a growing family of churches.

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Soma Devotionals

We Want to Give You Money This Christmas

Soma Family,

We want to give you money to bless someone this Christmas. We have an additional $2500 and you could have a portion of it to surprise someone who has a need.

So get creative!!! Who do you know who could use a boost this Christmas? A neighbor? A family from school?

Send your ideas and the amount you need to Ben Joyce or Chad Miller. We have a team to determine the best opportunities.

This is going to be great!



Soma is a church that serves Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and the surrounding region. Learn more here.

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